What Not To Mention On A First Date (Even If It’s The Truth)

Let’s face it: no one likes a first date. 

While there are many reasons, one of the biggest concerns is not knowing what the perimeters are: how much to reveal and not reveal. 

Here, Redditors reveal some fairly universal things they wouldn’t reveal about themselves on a first date (mainly because it went down like a lead balloon the first time they said it). 

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1. What You Most Recently Did At Work 

“I’ve had my arm up a cow’s ass. (For medical reasons, the cow’s, not mine).”

– Butters9524

2. Actually, Let’s Just Make That Anything To Do With Animals

“I know how to castrate a pig.”

– brudda-bois

3. Oversharing About Your Sleep Habits

“I can’t sleep in the dark. I have to have night lights.”

– ballseyes_the_Great

4. Or Your Living Arrangements

“I am 26 years old and I live with my parents.”

– JaffaJoose

5. Revealing You Have The Same Interests As A 12-Year-Old

“All I do with my free time is play video games and watch anime.”

– DarksiderGT

6. Make Us Wonder WTF Your House/Life/Day Looks Like  

“I’m lazy. Like not just lazy…I’m lazy as shit lazy.”

– jalexbrown


7. Getting Ahead Of Yourself

“When/if I get married, I’m not wasting thousands of dollars on a fancy wedding or rings.”

– GodMustBeAFK

8. Like REALLY Ahead Of Yourself

“I don’t want kids.”

– _Magnolia_

9. Anything About Bodily Functions

“I fart… a lot. Like a lot! Especially when I’m out in public. All that walking gets my gases flowing. I won’t make a sound, but you’ll definitely hear it. In a car with me? Well, RIP.”

– poopellar 

10. Make That EVERYTHING About Bodily Functions

“I tasted my own jizz once.”

– ThereW0LF



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